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Autogas pricing

LPG spheres and the Coker structure at Castellon Oil Refinery in Castellon, Spain.

Autogas prices by state

Autogas prices are effective from the 4th of every month. For further information contact us on 1300 1300 27.


How autogas is priced

The autogas metropolitan delivered price is the price at which we are selling deliveries greater than 15,000 litres to wholesale customers on a spot basis.

The price is quoted for delivered autogas and doesn't include services such as business support, branding or credit.

MDP is made up of five components: cost of product, freight, wholesale margin, the Goods and Services Tax and excise.

Cost of product

Cost of product is the price at which we acquire autogas and other products. We procure products built up from the basis of an international benchmark called the Saudi Aramco contract price. This is an internationally set benchmark which varies according to global supply and demand fluctuations.


The freight applicable to autogas is significantly more than the freight applying to other main fuels at retail service stations. This is particularly so as cartage distances become greater and on-site storage becomes smaller. MDP delivers significant economies to spot customers as they are able to benefit from our logistics.

Wholesale margin

A wholesale margin is usually the smallest of the five components. It covers the cost to, and profit of, the wholesaler.


Excise duty is payable on autogas that's used for transport. This includes when it's used for both transport and non-transport or when the end use is unknown.

The rate of duty for transport autogas is based on the fuel's energy content relative to other transport fuels.

Goods and Services Tax

The Goods and Services Tax is levied at the rate of 10 per cent on products, including autogas.

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