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Petrol sold in Australia is either refined from crude oil in Australian refineries or imported as a finished product from overseas
Evening view of the illuminated catalytic reformer No. 3 at Kwinana Refinery in Perth, Australia.


We refine crude oil at the Kwinana Refinery in Western Australia. Crude oil is shipped from locations such as the Middle East, West Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia and north-west Australia.


Products manufactured at our refinery include:


  • petrol: unleaded, premium unleaded, BP Ultimate and BP Opal
  • diesel fuels
  • aviation fuels, including jet fuel and aviation gasoline
  • fuel oil
  • hydrogen
  • kerosene
  • autogas, including propane and butane

For more information visit the fuels section of the website.

Kwinana Refinery

Located approximately 35 kilometres south-west of Perth, the Kwinana Refinery started operations in 1955. It is the only oil refinery in Western Australia and, with a crude refining capacity of 146 KBD, it is the largest oil refinery in Australia.


The refinery employs about 380 staff and, when in steady-state operations, about 300 contractors. On-going investment in refining technology has resulted in it being Australia’s most flexible refinery, capable of producing cleaner fuels such as BP Ultimate. 


Through manufactured products or imports, the refinery supplies most of Western Australia’s fuel needs.