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What is hydrogen and what are bp’s hydrogen plans?

It’s the small molecule that could play a big role in lowering emissions.

Hydrogen is being hailed as crucial in the push to decarbonize the planet. Sounds like magic, but it’s simply science. When  hydrogen (H) reacts with oxygen (O), lots of energy is released – and the only other product is water (H2O).   


This combination of high energy and zero emissions opens the door to decarbonizing energy-intensive industries that are hard or expensive to electrify:   

  • Like cement and steelmaking, which depend on fuels that can create intense heat. 
  • And heavy transport – trucks, ships and aircraft – which need fuels that pack a big punch while fitting into a small space on board.  


We’re aiming to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner. In support of this, bp is determined to advance the hydrogen industry across Australia, the UK, Europe and US. 

Hydrogen in Australia

bp is progressing three world-scale hydrogen projects in Western Australia with H2Kwinana in the Kwinana Industrial Precinct, the Geraldton Export-Scale Renewable Investment (GERI) in the Mid West, and the Australian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) in the Pilbara, a joint venture with Macquarie, CWP Global and Intercontinental Energy.  

Hydrogen in Australia

The role of hydrogen

Types of hydrogen

Hydrogen can be produced using different processes. The source of energy used and the method define whether it is informally considered grey, blue or green.

Potential uses

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