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Next-gen mobility

Next-gen mobility is a key pillar of our growth strategy. Digital solutions and access to new fuel sources, coupled with convenient services will underpin growth in this space

Globally, we are scaling up distinctive business models that play to the current mega-trends of electrification and rise in shared mobility. Locally we are testing how EVs and hydrogen will evolve and also help bp and our customers to decarbonize.


Our electrification aim is to provide the fastest, most convenient, most reliable network of chargers, delivered through great customer experience and innovative offers.


Altogether, we plan to create a scalable next generation mobility business – and throughout all of this we remain focused on safe, sustainable and reliable operations.

Chargemaster (bp pulse)

bp pulse operates the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network. bp’s EV customers already have access to around 8,700 rapid and ultra-fast charging points, including a fast-growing network at bp retail sites in the UK and Germany (Aral), with a hub for fleet vehicles recently opened on Park Lane in London.


We are also in partnership with China’s leading mobile transport operator, DiDi, which has 550 million users on its platform, taking 10 billion rides a year. Our joint venture plans to develop a network of charging hubs across China. bp aims to grow its operated network of public EV charging points to over 70,000 worldwide by 2030.

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