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Supporting the communities where we operate

Our Sustainability Frame acts as our ‘north star’, helping to focus our social investments so they better support the communities and environments in which we operate

Many of our community partnerships across Australia are long standing. Each year bp contributes over $2m (AUD) to support the community. But our partnerships go deeper than financial contributions. We foster a shared value approach that delivers value for both bp and society.


We also work closely with the bp foundation, supporting employee’s personal passions by matched donations, volunteering and fundraising.

McGrath Foundation

Since 2013, bp has been a loyal partner and supporter of the McGrath Foundation. During our partnership we’ve raised more than $1.5 million to support the McGrath Foundation in placing breast care nurses in communities across Australia. Inspired by their work and dedication, each year bp honours the work of the McGrath Foundation by sharing stories of McGrath Breast Care Nurses to help raise awareness.


This partnership is helping us to deliver Aim 15 of our sustainability frame, enhance wellbeing 

WA Wildlife

bp is working with WA Wildlife to support biodiversity surrounding the Kwinana industrial area. Our partnership enables the development of new facilities and wildlife enclosures for turtles, joeys, marsupials and birds of prey and provides opportunities to rehabilitate wildlife.


Our employees also volunteer their time, working under the guidance of veterinary surgeons and registered wildlife rehabilitators to help with transporting and caring for animals, and the centers in which they live.


This partnership is helping us to deliver Aim 16 of our sustainability frame, enhancing biodiversity.

Surf life Saving NZ

We look to develop long-term strategic partnerships based on trust and mutual respect, such as our 50+ year relationship with Surf Life Saving New Zealand. Beginning in 1968, it is believed to be New Zealand’s longest unbroken community partnership.


bp’s partnership with Surf Life Saving New Zealand includes an annual donation, a $25,000 Inflatable Rescue Boat donated to one club each year and annual contribution towards fuel costs for every Surf Life Saving club around the country. The bp Leaders for Life programme also provides lifeguards with a variety of important conflict resolution and leadership skills that can be applied to their communities and clubs.


This partnership is helping us to deliver Aim 15 of our sustainability frame, enhance wellbeing and while driving our core value of safety. 

Opal fuel

In 2002 bp received a letter from Chris Tangey, a concerned Central Australian community member asking if we could do anything to help tackle petrol sniffing. When we responded to help find a solution to the devastating petrol sniffing problem, it was the start of a journey that resulted in the development of Opal® fuel — a low aromatic fuel designed to help reduce the incidence of petrol sniffing in remote communities.



In partnership with the Government and in consultation with Aboriginal communities, Opal® was introduced in 2005. Australian Government research has shown that since its introduction, Opal® fuel has assisted in reducing the incidence of petrol sniffing in Indigenous communities by up to 95 per cent.


This partnership is helping us to deliver Aim 14 greater equity and Aim 15 enhance wellbeing of our sustainability frame.

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