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We sell a wide range of products and services to retail customers, as well as commercial customers from industries including, maritime, aviation, racing and transport
A service attendant handing over a customer's receipt at the pay point at the Oxenford service station in Queensland, Australia.



Across Australia we supply fuel to about 1400 service stations. Around 1000 of these are independently owned, but sell fuel under our brand. The remainder are owned and operated by us.


Many of our service stations have truck stops, shops or Wild Bean Cafes which offer customers a range of products and services including:

  • lubricants such as transmission and gear oils, greases and engine oils
  • solvents such as turpentine
  • fuels such as Opal, BP Ultimate, autogas and diesel
  • drinks, coffee, food, groceries and magazines
  • fuel and gift cards
  • car washing and trailer hire

Commercial quantities of fuel can also be purchased at our service stations.



Air BP is one of our specialised aviation divisions that sells aviation fuels, lubricants and services to customers across Australia. Customers include:

  • private and corporate aircraft owners
  • commercial airlines
  • airport operators
  • Australian Defence Force


BP Marine is one of the world's largest sellers of fuels, lubricants and technical services to the maritime industry. Committed to safety and the environment, BP Marine sells lower sulphur fuels, biodegradable lubricants and trading solutions.



BP Shipping offers products and services that include:

  • providing all maritime assurance activity for the BP Group within Australasia
  • operating a fleet of crude oil, refined product and liquefied natural gas tankers
  • chartering in third party ships for single voyages or for medium and long-term business
  • chartering out our ships to other oil and shipping companies for single voyages or for medium and long-term business
  • providing an industry-leading ship vetting service to maintain the highest quality of third party ships used for our business
  • providing a port clearance service to ensure compatibility of ships and their destinations, and to maintain and improve the quality of receiving and discharge terminal facilities
  • supplying a ship design and operations consultancy to us and our projects with maritime interests
  • being actively involved in managing our reputation through involvement with industry and government forums