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Lightsource BP

Through our partnership with Lightsource BP we are providing solar power to Australians
A market leader in the funding, development and operation of solar projects, Lightsource BP works with communities, businesses and land owners to develop projects that generate renewable energy locally and sustainably.

Snowy Hydro

In 2018 Lightsource BP successfully bid to provide renewable energy to Snowy Hydro in New South Wales via a solar power purchase agreement (PPA).

Snowy Hydro, a government owned entity which owns, operates and maintains the 4.1GW Snowy Mountains hydro scheme, is the fourth largest energy retailer in the National Electricity Market.


The Lightsource BP bid was one of eight projects to win across this tender and will take the form of a ground-mounted solar installation that is fully funded, constructed and maintained by Lightsource BP, providing power to Snowy Hydro via a 15-year PPA.


For more information, visit the Lightsource BP website.

Wellington Solar Farm

Wellington Solar Farm is a 174MW solar farm at Goolma Road, Wuuluman, New South Wales. The solar farm will have an installed capacity of 174MW AC, producing 420,000MWh of clean, renewable electricity a year.


Construction began in December 2019.


For more information, visit the Lightsource BP website.