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Sustainable packaging

Rows of industrial shelves stacked with cardboard boxes in a large, modern warehouse.  The metal shelves are orange and blue, and the boxes sit on wooden pallets.  More shelves are visible on an adjacent wall in the background.  The high ceiling features support beams and fluorescent lighting.

Our commitments

As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), we support efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging – both BP-branded and non-BP-branded – across our supply chain. Our APC action plan is based on the covenant's goals and key performance indicators. It also focuses on design, recycling and product stewardship.


Sustainable packaging guidelines

We review all current and future BP-branded packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. A formal review process involving internal and external stakeholders has been developed. Through this process opportunities to improve the sustainability of BP packaging may be identified and included in subsequent amendments to our action plan.


Our initiatives

As part of our commitment to the covenant and action plan we have:

  • completed a sustainable packaging assessment and implemented a number of initiatives to minimise the impact of packaging including, bleach-free napkins and bags, and wooden coffee stirrers
  • trialled recycling initiatives at service stations to reduce landfill waste
  • increased the recycled content of our stationery 
  • established print standards such as using vegetable dyes and recycled paper