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Using ships, gas carriers, trains, pipelines and trucks, we transport unrefined and refined products to and from our refineries and to our customers
Three BP oil tankers British Kestrel, British Fidelity and British Liberty docked in the waters of Cockburn Sound, at BP's Kwinana Refinery in Perth, Australia.


Crude oil transportation

Transporting crude oil to our refinery and the refined products – including petrol, diesel, marine and aviation fuels – to customers is an integral part of what we do.


BP Shipping is one of a number of shipping companies which transports crude oil to Western Australia’s Kwinana Refinery.


LNG transportation

We also operate a fleet of specialist gas carriers, including the NW Shearwater, to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the North West Shelf gas field to markets in Japan.


Transportation to terminals

The refined products are then transported to terminals across Australia.


These terminals are supplied either by pipeline from Kwinana Refinery, or by ship or rail car. Terminals contain bulk storage tanks that hold products such as petrol, diesel, and marine and aviation fuel.


Transportation to customers

From terminals, products are transferred to trucks for transportation to depots, business customers and service stations. At the busiest terminals trucking operations operate on a six or seven days per week basis.