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In partnership with our customers and third parties, we ensure that health, safety, and environmental issues are prioritised when managing our airfield operations.

For more information about how our systems can be adapted to meet your needs, contact us. We are very happy to help and may be able to support you with awareness and skills training in this area. 

Technical design & innovation

Our services are founded on technical knowledge and operational experience acquired in the development, construction and operation of hundreds of airport fuelling installations around the world.

Deep experience in handling, transportation, storage and into-aircraft delivery facilities, specialist aviation fuelling equipment and aircraft fuel systems means our team is at the forefront of technical design and innovation.

Being part of the global BP group, we can also draw on the company's wealth of experience in project consultancy and financing, procurement services, operations outsourcing, research centres, laboratory correlation, training and emergency response.

One of the key strengths held by our technical team is the combination of aviation fuelling facility design and construction together with practical operational experience. This is founded on day-to-day liaison with engineering and operational staff based at Air BP offices and sites throughout the world.

We have been or are currently involved in the design, construction and operation of fuel hydrant systems at over 30 international and domestic airports including, Heathrow, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich and Dubai.

Pioneering design and innovation

Many developments and principles of design and operation which are now accepted as standard practice in the aviation fuelling industry were pioneered by us. This includes:
  • closed circuit sampling
  • product recovery systems
  • solar powered equipment
  • rapid deployment fuelling equipment

International standards

We actively participate in setting and maintaining international standards and practices through our representation in industry groups.

These include the Joint Inspection Group, the Institute of Petroleum, the American Petroleum Institute, the International Air Transport Association Aviation Fuels Working Group, and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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