Carnet cards

Card features

Air BP Carnet Card features include:
  • access to a national network of more than 70 refuelling locations
  • access to Air BP’s 24-hour carnet-operated self-service dispensers
  • a contact number for our general aviation staff to help with enquiries
  • a network-wide commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety

How it works

You can use your Air BP Carnet Card by:
  • swiping it at an Air BP dispenser which produces a receipt noting the date, carnet card number and volume of fuel dispensed
  • giving it to an Air BP airfield representative who will note the transaction on a hand-held computer and give the pilot a printed receipt
  • giving it to an Air BP airfield representative who will note the transaction on a manual delivery docket and give the pilot a copy
These delivery transactions are downloaded to a central system which produces invoices that are sent to customers. Payment will be due according to your account trading terms. 

Apply for a card account

To apply for an Air BP Carnet Account :

1. Please read the following Terms & Conditions of the Air BP Account
2. If you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed at Item 1, please download and complete the interactive Air BP Credit Application Form. 

The application may be saved at any stage to your personal computer.
3. Print and Sign the Application form (Originals ONLY accepted).

4. Mail to:

Sales Managment Team
Air BP Customer Service Centre
Reply Paid 5222
Melbourne  VIC  3001

New cards & updating details

If you are an existing carnet card customer and you need a replacement card or you need to change your aircraft details, contact us on 1800 024 727.