BP Plus Fuel Card – The Canstar Award-Winning Fuel Card

The cost of fuel is a significant expense for any business that transports goods and services or requires a lot of travel. Fluctuations in petrol and diesel prices can also make budgeting difficult. That's why BP is determined to ensure that your business has access to a competitive offer, and best in class control and flexibility when it comes to fuel cards.

BP Plus has recently received Canstar Blue’s 2017 Most Satisfied Customers award for Small Business Fuel Cards in Australia. Canstar Blue surveyed small businesses, asking them to rate their fuel cards across a range of variables, with BP coming out on top. The comprehensive fuel card comparison covered the key metrics of overall satisfaction, invoicing, customer service and fees and charges.

Overall satisfaction

Within the Canstar customer research, BP was the only fuel card provider to register a 5-star overall customer satisfaction rating. At BP we understand that fuel can be a big part of day to day operations, and while costs are important, customer service, control, flexibility and number of petrol stations are also vital. Our focus on ensuring your business needs are met while providing class leading discounts is what sets us apart from the rest.

Fuel discounts, fees and charges

The Canstar survey revealed that the price of fuel is a major concern for 69% of small businesses. Encouragingly, three-quarters (74%) believe that using petrol cards saves them money.

Customer Service

We know that each business is unique in the challenges it faces, which is why we strive to provide a range of control, security, flexibility and convenience tools to our users. 

This focus on customer service was recognised by Canstar, resulting in our 5-star rating.
The BP Plus fuel card was the only card to be recognised with this accolade within the fuel card category. Discover more about our award-winning customer service here.

Number of Petrol Stations

The BP Plus fuel card can be used across any of our 1,400 BP service stations around Australia within both metro and country areas. In addition to providing access to service stations for BP fuel, our fuel card can also be used at our Wild Bean Cafes and BP carwash facilities.