FAQs for BP Plus drivers

Getting started

What is BPme for BP Plus?

BPme for BP Plus allows BP Plus drivers to pay for fuel without leaving the comfort of your car. BPme for BP Plus saves you time while providing all the benefits of BP Plus.

If you would like to pay for fuel with Amex, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, please download BPme – Mobile Fuel Payment & BP Station Finder app from Google Play or the App Store.

How do I download BPme?

You can download BPme for BP Plus for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. 


How do I know if I’m eligible to use BPme for BP Plus?

We are working on perfecting BPme for BP Plus for every BP Plus Customer. Until then, BPme for BP Plus will continue to be available for a certain range of BP Plus customers.

To check on your eligibility, simply add a BP Plus card to the app. It is anticipated BPme for BP Plus will be available for every BP Plus customer in early 2018.

Why are only some customers able to use BPme for BP Plus?

BPme is being deployed in stages, with the range of eligible customers growing over time.  Some account types and account set-ups aren’t supported by the current version of BPme for BP Plus. It is expected that even more customers will eligible by early 2018.

How do I know which BP sites I can use BPme for BP Plus at?

The built in Site Finder makes finding a BP station easy. Over 300 BP stations already accept BPme for BP Plus and the helpful map features make finding a site a breeze.

I don’t have a BP Plus Card, can I use BPme?

BP Customers who prefer to pay with Visa, Amex, MasterCard and PayPal types can download BPme – Mobile Fuel Payment & BP Station Finder app.

Setting up BPme

What is the SMS authorisation code?

The passcode is a one off code sent to you by SMS to validate your mobile phone number when you first set up the BPme App for use.

What if I don’t receive my SMS authorisation code?

Check you’ve entered the correct mobile number and that you have phone service. You can request to have another SMS sent. If that still doesn’t work, give it a few minutes and if you haven’t received the SMS, it could be a fault at our end, in which case contact us on 1300 1300 27 or at AUcustcare@bp.com.

What do I need to create a valid password?

8 or more characters, with at least one letter and one number (symbols may also be used). Avoid any obvious words or items that people can easily find out about you such as your name and birthday.

What is the passcode?

Your passcode is a four digit number that you choose, to make sure only you can use your BP Plus Card to pay for fuel from your car. Choose a passcode that’s easy to remember (as it is used every time BPme for BP Plus app is used). This number doesn’t have to be the same as the PIN you set for your BP Plus card.

You need to set a passcode before we ask your company to okay your card for use on BPme.

Can I use the same login as the BPme – Mobile Fuel Payment & Station Finder app?

No. You will need to create a separate login for each app.

Does the passcode requested in BPme need to be the same as my BP Plus card PIN?

No. You can choose any four digit pin you like.

How will I know when my BP Plus card is approved in BPme?

We will send you a text message when your company approves your card for use with BPme for BP Plus. If your request is declined by your company you will also receive a text message advising this, as well as a message appearing in ‘Pay in car’ section of your BPme for BP Plus app.

Why hasn’t my BP Plus card been approved for use with BPme for BP Plus instantly?

The BP Plus card account owner or your company’s Fleet Manager needs to give their approval. It’s best to follow up with the person who manages your fleet card as BPme for BP Plus can’t be used without their approval.

Why can’t I add my BP Plus card to BPme?

Not every BP Plus card is currently eligible for BPme for BP Plus. We are working to make BPme available for more customers to use over time.

How many BP Plus Cards can I register to my BPme account?

You can only register one BP Plus card per BPme account.

Can a BP Plus card that is shared between different drivers be added to multiple BPme accounts?

No. A BP Plus card can only be added to one BPme account at this time.

I’ve just ordered a BP Plus card, how long until I can use it in BPme?

A new card can be loaded into BPme for BP Plus immediately. You must however, possess the physical card when you fuel using BPme for BP Plus.

I am waiting for my new BP Plus card because my previous card had expired. Am I still able to use BPme for BP Plus? 

Yes. If the expired card was re-issued with a new expiry date then BPme for BP Plus will allow you to purchase fuel.

Payment methods

Can I still use my BP Plus plastic card if it is loaded into BPme?

Yes, you are able to use both methods to make payment. You are however required to carry your physical BP Plus card when you pay with fuel using BPme for BP Plus. 

Can I use BPme with my credit or debit card?

There is a separate BPme – Mobile Fuel Payment & Station Finder app that is available for you to download in the Google Play Store and App Store. This app allows you to pay for fuel with Amex, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.  

Pay in car

How do you know when I am at a BP site?

We have a ‘geo-fence’ set up around each site like a perimeter. The BP site will become available for you to select if you have location services enabled. How can BPme for BP Plus be used if phones are not permitted at the pump?

BPme for BP Plus should only be used while you are inside your car or while you’re in the BP store. Phones are still not permitted for use outside of your car whilst on a BP forecourt.

What happens if I choose the wrong pump, fuel type or $ amount, can I change this?

If you’ve made a mistake and want to cancel the Pay in Car transaction on your phone, you just need to tap on the ‘cancel’ button and confirm that you want to cancel on the pop-up that appears.   You will only be charged for any fuel that you have pumped. 

Why will BPme for BP Plus only allow me to select certain fuels?

You will only be able to select fuel grades that are permitted by your BP Plus card. You should talk to your account authority or fleet manager about any concerns you have regarding this set up.

Can I select my preferred fuel grade?

Your preferred or most commonly used fuel type can be set up in ‘pay in car’ preferences in ‘My preferred fuel type’. At this stage, the preferences section only displays the four most commonly used fuel types, so it will be a limited menu. As per the previous question, the available selection to you will be dependent on the fuel grades authorised on your BP Plus card. 

How long will my chosen pump be authorised for?

Your pump will be authorised for use for up to 90 seconds from the time the app says you can pump to the time you begin pumping fuel. If you don’t start pumping fuel within 90 seconds of the initial authorisation, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and you will need to start the BPme for BP Plus transaction again if you want to pay in car.

I asked for more fuel than I actually got, what happened?

You will only ever be charged for the actual amount you pumped, regardless of what amount you chose in the app.

My phone died, can I log into my BPme for BP Plus account on another person’s phone to pay for my fuel?

Yes, you can log into BPme from another smartphone. We advise that you make sure you log out at the completion of your transaction so that your BPme for BP Plus account can’t be inadvertently used by the other smartphone owner.

Will BPme for BP Plus have the same product restrictions that I have on my BP Plus card?

Yes, BP Plus customers will only be able to select fuel grades that their card has been authorised for.

Is a receipt emailed to me if I pay in car with BPme for BP Plus?

Yes. You will receive a digital receipt in BPme for BP Plus. You can also access your transaction history from within the app to view a particular transaction.

Why isn’t the pump working?

BPme for BP Plus only unlocks the pump and the fuel type that you chose. If the hose you’ve picked up isn’t working, you may have chosen the wrong pump number or fuel type in the app. Please get back in your car, cancel the process and start again. You will get a receipt for $0 for the cancelled transaction to confirm you haven’t been charged.

Why do I need to enter my odometer reading?

Some companies ask drivers to record their odometer readings each time they fill up, for accounting purposes.

If you enter your odometer reading on your first use of BPme for BP Plus we’ll ask you for this every time you use the app.

If you skip entering in your odometer reading on your first use of BPme for BP Plus, we won’t ask you again.

If you later decide you want to record your odometer or turn it off, you can do so from your BPme for BP Plus preferences within the app.

What if I can’t remember my passcode?

You have 6 attempts to enter the passcode. Your BP Plus card will be removed from BPme for BP Plus if you enter more than 6 incorrect attempts. This doesn’t mean your card is cancelled – it just means that you’ll have to reload it again into the app.

Do I need access to the internet to use BPme for BP Plus?

Yes. To use the BPme, you must have an internet-enabled eligible mobile device which is connected to the internet and uses a software version that supports the BPme for BP Plus app.

Other purchases

Can I pay for in-store items using the BPme for BP Plus app?

BPme allows you to pay for fuel. If you wish to purchase any other products, you will need to pay for these in store with cash or a card.

What fuel grades are excluded from the BPme app?

LPG and AdBlue are excluded. That’s it!  All other fuel grades available at that BP retail site are included unless a pump is not operational or a grade of fuel is out of stock.

General BPme for BP Plus questions

Is there a cost for the BPme app?

No. BPme for BP Plus is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  If you cannot locate it please ensure your country selection within your account is set for Australia.

What phone can I use the app on?

BPme for BP Plus is operational on Apple and Android phones. BPme for Bp Plus is also available for tablets (Apple and Android only). The app is available for iOS versions 9+ and Android versions 4.4+.

Are you tracking my location?

The BPme for BP Plus app uses the location services in your mobile’s native operating system when you have the app running or use Pay For Fuel and Station Finder to determine your location.  The app will not be able to determine your location if it is not open.

How do I quit the app completely?

iPhone users, tap the home button twice. You will see small previews of this app and others you’ve recently used. Swipe up on the preview of this app to quit. Pressing the home key once won’t quit the app, it just returns you to your home screen.  Note: Iphone X users will need to swipe halfway to open the small app previews menu.

Android users, view your ‘running’ apps. In some phones you may need to go to Settings, in others you will have a multitasking button. Once you can see previews of all the running apps, swipe the BPme for BP Plus app preview left or right and off the screen.

When BPme for BP Plus is reopened it will be back to the start screen. If it’s still showing where you got stuck, you haven’t quit it properly and should repeat the steps above.


Is there an increased risk of fraud using BPme for BP Plus?

BPme does not increase risk of fraud. In fact, there are two forms of security checks in the set-up process:

  1. Any request to provision a BP Plus card to a BPme for BP Plus account requires email approval from an account authority.
  2. The BPme app user is required to provide a passcode that is used each time a customer transacts using the app.

Will the BPme for BP Plus account have the same product restrictions as the BP Plus card it is being set up for?

Yes - BP Plus customers will only be able to select fuel grades that their card has been authorised for.

I have lost my phone and it looks like someone else has used my BP Plus card. Do I need to pay?

You will need to pay for any transactions made up until the end of the day that you contact BP to cancel your BP Plus card within BPme for BP Plus. The support team will be able to cancel your BPme for BP Plus digital card and will leave your plastic card operational. You can contact the BP customer service team on 1300 1300 27 or at AUcustcare@bp.com

What do I do if an employee using BPme for BP Plus has left the company?

As per standard procedure, you should cancel the BP Plus card by logging into your online BP Plus account or contacting BP customer service on 1300 1300 27 or at AUcustcare@bp.com.  Remember, there could be a delay of 3 hours or longer if cancelled overnight for the BP Plus card to be declined when being used to purchase fuel in store. 

Support for technical issues

My phone has run out of battery or has frozen during the BPme for BP Plus transaction. What happens now?

If you have already authorised the transaction, you will be able to pump your fuel and a receipt will be generated for you. You can check the pump transaction the next time you can access your BPme for BP Plus account.

How do I turn on location settings on my mobile phone? 

iPhone users:

  1. Go to phone settings, tap on Privacy and find Location Services.
  2. It should say “On” next to it. Turn it on if it’s off
  3. Next, scroll down the list of apps and locate BPme. Tap on that to turn the access to your location on for the app by choosing the ‘While Using’ option

Android users:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Select ‘Location’ or ‘Connections’ tab
  3. When ‘Location’ or ‘Connections’ at the top of the screen is ‘On’, select both of the tick boxes for the quickest BPme for BP Plus experience:
    1. GPS satellites: Similarly to a GPS device in your car, lets your device calculate your location based on satellite signals
    2. Wi-Fi & mobile network location: Lets your device use Google's location service

How can I change my BP Plus card limits, permitted fuel grade etc.

You will need to discuss this with your card account authority. If you are the account authority on a BP Plus card with the right privileges, you can make updates to these settings. To make these changes you can visit bpplusonline.com, contact customer service on 1300 1300 27 or email AUcustcare@bp.com.

Where will my BPme for BP Plus transactions appear on bpplusonline reports?

BP Plus account holders can easily access BPme transactional information via BP Plus online. Follow the below steps to run your reporting for BPme:

  1. Login to BP Plus online via www.bpplus.com.au
  2. Select Reports › Run a Report
  3. In the ‘Report Type’ section of this page, select ‘Transactions’ then select any of the versions for Export Transactions.
  4. Select the relevant account/s, report filters, delivery method and then select ‘Run Report.’
  5. Open the Excel report that is generated.

BPme transactions are identifiable with the value of W or “Mobile Payment” in the field ‘Transaction capture method'. 


Who can I contact for more information and support?

For more information, please contact BP customer service on 1300 1300 27 or AUcustcare@bp.com

Future updates

Is BP going to make future changes to BPme for BP Plus?

Yes. Please check back for future changes on BPme for BP Plus.