My BPme app is not working, what do I do?

BPme app not working? If your phone coverage is poor or has been interrupted this may affect the app. If you receive the message, ‘We seem to have a technical problem. Please try again or fill and pay in store,’ you will need to go into the store to pay. 

If you have already pumped your fuel, the BPme app will attempt to reconnect and complete the transaction. If you have received the message, ‘We seem to have a delay processing your transaction. We'll keep trying and email you a receipt as soon as possible,' we will provide you with confirmation of your transaction as soon as it can be processed. If the transaction cannot be processed we will email you to arrange an alternative way for you to pay. 

If you have any other issues with the app, or have questions about this process, please call 1300 1300 27 or contact BP at