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BP’s new Fuel Integrity and Technology (FIT) program is designed to help businesses improve fuel cleanliness on site. FIT allows businesses to maximise their vehicle and equipment productivity and reduce maintenance costs to increase operational efficiency. For more information, visit fit.bp.com.au

About FIT

The cleanliness of fuel is critical in driving business profitability in the mining, transport and rail industries. Contaminated fuel reduces fuel efficiency, and increases emissions and maintenance costs. This can have a significant effect on your business’s bottom line.

That’s why we’ve developed the Fuel Integrity and Technology (FIT) Program – a service with 5 values that drive continuous improvement in fuel cleanliness, allowing your business to run at its best.

FIT website

The FIT website supports each of the 5 FIT values and has resources designed to help boost your fuel integrity. Once registered, you can login to the portal and access personalised content including:
  • fuel sampling reports
  • clean fuel site assessments
  • Detecta Kit ordering
  • fuels training modules
  • engineering delivery authorisation inspection reports and customer facility reviews
  • fuel management bulletins

Further information

For further information about how the FIT Program can assist your business visit the FIT website or email the FIT team at commercialfuels@se1.bp.com.

FIT services

FIT connects you with our global fuels technology experts who provide fuel advice using the extensive knowledge BP has developed over 100 years of operations. Our experts have identified 5 values critical in reducing risk, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

Clean fuels

The clean fuels component ensures that fuel at your fuel facilities is clean and free from contamination, both in storage and throughout the internal fuel supply chain.

Fuel free from contaminants:
  • prevents damage to injectors caused by particulates
  • reduces the build-up of deposits on injectors
  • increases fuel efficiency and performance
  • reduces the need for fuel system maintenance costs on vehicles and equipment

Fuels training

Fuels training modules designed by our global fuels technology experts are aimed at both site supervisors and operators.

The modules will actively engage and educate your staff on how to implement proper equipment refuelling, storage and handling techniques. They also advise how to best develop a clean fuels strategy to maintain fuel cleanliness on site and maximise the associated benefits.

Advanced fuels

Advanced diesel formulations – such as BP Ultimate Diesel – are designed specifically to keep injectors clean, minimise power loss, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. FIT allows you to realise these benefits by trialling BP Ultimate Diesel at sites across Australia.

Engineering & fuel management

Our engineering and fuel management experts provide advice on the management of fuel facilities by identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce the risks associated with the storage and transfer of fuel. The FIT portal is a personalised repository for all the reports and bulletins submitted by our engineers.

Global fuels technology expertise

Our global fuels technology team comprises some of the top fuel experts in Australia. They use their fuel technology expertise to help develop fuel strategies to increase efficiency and productivity. Through the FIT portal, you can directly ask our experts questions and leverage this knowledge to improve fuel cleanliness onsite.