Advice from manufacturers

Chris Leask, Manager Honda Customer Relation and Warranty Operations

  • The use of Opal fuel will not void the manufacturers limited warranty.
  • Opal fuel can be used in Honda cars, bikes, power equipment and marine engines designed to use petrol of 91 octane.
  • Honda MPE has conducted some minor testing and determined that there were no short term effects when using Opal fuel in our products. However, it is still undetermined if there are any long term effects associated with sustained use.
  • If a fault occurs that can be attributed to poor quality or stale fuel, the Honda limited warranty will not cover the cost of repairs as it is not deemed to be caused by a "manufacturing or material defect" of the product.

Martin Dwyer, Manager Yamaha Warranty and Customer Relations

  • We can advise that the use of Opal fuel in Yamaha products will not void the warranty per se. However, if a failure occurs due to the use of incompatible fuels or lubricants in the motor then that failure would not be covered by warranty. Naturally, Yamaha cannot be responsible for the quality of products made by others.