Transacting with us

Preferred payment method

For low-value or non-recurring expenditure the preferred payment method is Visa card for suppliers who accept credit card or PayPal for those who don’t.

Before you commence any work on behalf of BP or supply any goods, contact your BP representative to find out which payment method is suitable.

Purchase orders

If a purchase order is necessary, you must not commence work on behalf of us or supply goods to us until you receive the purchase order. 

If you haven’t received a purchase order you should contact your business representative directly or the operational procurement team on 1300 269 727 followed by option 2.

Purchase order changes

The general terms [PDF] available online at the time of the purchase order change apply. Please ensure you check the website for updates at the time the purchase order change document is generated.


If Visa is the agreed method of payment, email a copy of the invoice to your BP representative once you’ve delivered the services or goods.

To become a Visa merchant, contact your financial institution or visit the Visa website Visa websitefor further information.


Invoice submission and payment can be facilitated via your PayPal account. To set up a PayPal account, visit the PayPal website.

For all PayPal related queries and issues, visit PayPal's customer support section of the website.


We also offer self-billing under certain scenarios where we automatically generate payment and a tax invoice on behalf of the supplier. The settlement process occurs based on agreed pricing and quantities contained within the purchase order or via pre-settlement documentation provided by the supplier for a specified billing period.