eftpos Gift Card Questions

How does my eftpos Gift Card work?

Simply swipe your eftpos Gift Card at the terminal, press savings and key in the PIN on the back of the card. If the transaction is more than the balance of the gift card, just ask the cashier to split the payment.


Where can my eftpos Gift Card be used?

 eftpos Gift Cards can be used wherever eftpos is accepted right across Australia.


Can I use my eftpos Gift Card overseas?

Unfortunately, eftpos Gift Cards cannot be used outside of Australia.


How do I know how much money is on my eftpos Gift Card?

To check the balance of your card, just go to giftcardplanet.com.au to view the balance online at any time or call our Card Services team on 1800 446 347 Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm AEST/AEDST.


What is the expiry period on my card?

The expiry date is printed on the back of your card, but the card needs to be activated before use. Your funds will be forfeited if the card is not activated before the activation expiry date.


Is an eftpos Gift Card a Credit or Debit card?

An eftpos Gift Card is neither. Eftpos Gift Cards are similar to gift vouchers or store cards whereby they are prepaid with a certain amount and can be used anywhere where eftpos is accepted.


Can my eftpos Gift Card be used for online purchases?

Unfortunately, eftpos Gift Cards cannot be used for online purchases currently.


Can my eftpos Gift Card go into a negative balance?

No, eftpos Gift Cards can only be spent up to the value issued on the card.


What if the purchase transaction is more than the balance of the funds on the card?

If the purchase value is more than the value of the eftpos Gift Card, you simply need to ask the cashier to split the payment and pay the difference first, either with cash or another card.


Can funds be transferred from one card to another?

No. Funds cannot be transferred between cards.


Can my eftpos Gift Card be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or store?

No. eftpos Gift Cards cannot be used to withdraw cash, only to make purchases.


Can more funds be added to my eftpos Gift Card?

No. Your eftpos Gift Card can only be loaded once and can only be used within the expiry date or until the funds are used up.


Does my eftpos Gift Card have a PIN?

It certainly does. The PIN is printed on the back of the card alongside the card number and the expiry date.


What happens when my eftpos Gift Card expires?

The funds on your eftpos Gift Card are only valid until the expiry date as printed on the back of the card. The card must be activated before the activate end date. Any remaining funds at the time of expiration are forfeited so we encourage you to spend all available funds before it expires.


What happens if an eftpos Gift Card is lost or stolen?

If a card is lost or stolen, this should be reported to Card Services on 1800 446 347 as immediately as possible.  A replacement card may be reissued but fees and conditions apply. 


What happens if an item was purchased with my eftpos Gift Card and needs to be returned?

Each retailer will handle returns as per their own policies and may issue a cash refund or store credit.


Can my eftpos Gift Card be used at restaurants?

If the restaurant accepts eftpos payments, then the card can absolutely be used there. Make sure you check with the restaurant either before being seated or at the time of booking. If the dining bill exceeds the amount on the card, the payment will need to be split. Again, it is a good idea to check with the restaurant if split payment is possible.


Can my eftpos Gift Card be used for direct debit bill paying, like a phone or internet bill?

Unfortunately eftpos Gift Cards cannot be used for recurring payments or direct debit bills. However, if it is a once-off payment and is made in person, for example, at the post office, where the store accepts eftpos payments, you may then be able to use the card for this.


How do I know where and how to use the eftpos Gift Card I’ve received?

The back of the eftpos Gift Card (and the gift card wallet if you received one) have information on how to activate and use the card along with information on how to get in touch with us if you require more detail.