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Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula

Addendum to Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (ESIA) document for exploration drilling of the second well within the Shallow Water Area around the Absheron Peninsula (SWAP) June 2021 

Main Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula (SWAP) Exploration Drilling Project June 2020 

Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Assessment


Appendix 6A  Oil Spill and Cooling Water Discharge Modelling


SWAP ESIA Public Meeting

Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula 2D Seismic Survey


2D seismic ESIA

Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula 3D Seismic Survey

bp as the operator of the Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula (SWAP) project announces that a draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) document has been produced for planned 3D seismic data acquisition as part of bp’s work obligation and is available for public review and comment.

The document examines the potential environmental and social impacts of the project, and describes recommended mitigation measures.


The ESIA document and an accompanying non-technical summary have been produced in the Azerbaijani and English languages.


Cover page 

Units and Abbreviations
Non-technical Summary 
Policy  Regulatory and Administrative Framework 
Impact Assessment Methodology
Project Description 
Environmental Description

Socio-economic Description

Consultation and Disclosure

Environmental Impact Assessment, Mitigation and Management

Socio-economic Impact Assessment, Mitigation and Management

Cumulative, Transboundary and Accidental Events
Environmental and Socio-Economic Management

Residual Impacts and Conclusion


Appendix 5A  Caspian Seals Report

Appendix 5B  Birds Report

Appendix 5C  Ecology Survey

Appendix 5D  Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Survey Findings

Appendix BA  SWAP 3D Seismic Survey - Underwater Sound Study

Appendix 10A  SWAP 3D Seismic Survey Oil Spill Contingency and Response (OSCAR) Modelling