Baku 2015 - creating lasting legacy

BP is an official partner of Baku 2015 Games. We are making a world-class investment in the future of Azerbaijan by supporting the Games

In June 2014 BP became an official partner of the Baku 2015 Games – this year’s biggest international sporting event – to be held in Baku. We have been working with the Games organizers to create a lasting legacy for Azerbaijan.

Athlete ambassadors

BP supports six Azerbaijani athletes as they prepare for and participate in the Baku 2015 Games, whom BP has selected as its ambassadors for the Games. They are Ilham Zakiyev (Paralympic Judo), Oleg Panyutin (Paralympic Athletics),  Elkhan Mammadov (Olympic Judo), Haji Aliyev (Olympic Wrestling), Olokhan Musayev (Paralympic Athletics) and Farida Azizova (Olympic Taekwondo).  

The Games Academy

As the exclusive official partner of the Games Academy, BP has been supporting a programme, which will develop the skills of Azerbaijan’s future workforce and enhance the nation’s ability to deliver major international sporting events and other large, complex projects. 

The elite athlete development programme

BP is also supporting the development and coaching programme designed for Azerbaijani national athletes as they prepare for Baku 2015 European Games. The programme is delivered by Michael Johnson Performance (MJP), a well-known international athletes training company led by Michael Johnson, one of the most celebrated Olympic athletes ever.