BP and partners help build the future of Azerbaijan

23 August 2017

Early this month, BP and partners organized an event to celebrate the successful outcome of a promising social investment project.

The ‘Build Your Future’ project, launched in September 2016, was funded by BP and its co-venturers to support local secondary school students from disadvantaged families with high intellectual capacity and a strong desire to study at university. 

The project covered tutorial services for preparing for university, for the students residing in Sangachal, Umid, Azimkend, Shongar and Gizildash communities of Garadag district, affected by the BP operations. 

The project had academic and non-academic components. An academic component aimed to ensure entrance to local universities. A non-academic component was to achieve personal development and social integration of the beneficiaries through the provision of psychological support, trainings and participation at various events, exhibitions and study visits.

Thanks to the project activities 24 out of the 28 selected students (15 girls and 13 boys) have successfully completed the preparatory courses and passed the university entrance exams with impressive results. Two project participants Rugiyya Badirova and Hajihasan Hajizade got the highest score 668 out of 700 – at 95% percentage points. 12 received 500 and above scores and eight of them above 600.

At the event BP and the representatives of co-venturers awarded twelve highest scorers with laptop computers and the rest of the participants with backpacks.
Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli, vice president, communications and external affairs and strategy, AGTR, congratulated all project participants and their parents with great achievement: “Today’s achievement is a result of hard work of all participants including parents of the graduates who provided their support throughout the journey. I believe each graduate is a new, successful project, with so many opportunities along the way! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!”

Project participants thanked BP and co-venturers for such a great opportunity. 
Based on this year’s successful results the social investment team is going to expand the geography of the project, in the academic year of 2017-2018 and cover 130 secondary school students from the projects-affected communities in Garadagh, Agdash, Kurdemir, Ujar, and Yevlakh districts. 

The project will also include new component to creating equal opportunities for 10 young people with disabilities.