BP sponsored documentary “The last session” premiered in Ankara

24 October 2018

On 23 October, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Turkey and “The Native Thought” Association, with support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and sponsorship of BP, organized a gala night in Ankara to premiere the documentary film “The Last Session”.

The members of the diplomatic corps, prominent figures of the Turkish society, representatives of the non-government organizations and mass media attended the event.
The documentary is BP’s gift to the people of Azerbaijan on the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. 

Mick Stump, regional vice-president and president of BP Turkey, said: “BP has been operating in Turkey since 1912 and came to Azerbaijan more than 26 years ago, just one year after the country re-gained its independence from the Soviet Union. The histories of BP, Azerbaijan and Turkey have been running in parallel ever since. We are proud to have been associated with all the major oil and gas developments that connect these two countries. Helping to illuminate Azerbaijan’s rich historical heritage feels like a natural fit for BP. We also hope our involvement represents a tribute to our employees, their families and fellow-citizens who rightfully honor their history.”

The documentary depicts the last night and the tragic fall of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. It tells the tale of a desperate but definitive and irreversible battle against the enemies of the republic – both the army of occupation and its internal patrons. This glorious history and tragic fate of the democratic republic served as a great example for Azerbaijan regaining its independence.

The film’s script was written based on the archive documentation which was not investigated earlier or was kept secret until recent days.

The documentary was made by Baku Media Centre with support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and sponsorship of BP Azerbaijan. The project lasted six months and involved approximately 700 people, including more than 50 professional actors, nearly 500 people engaged in the group scenes and 100 members of the film crew. The film was shot within 32 days in 25 various locations.
“I would like to thank everyone involved in creating ‘The last session’ documentary and organizing its premiere here in Ankara tonight. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic this year, this historical event also coincides with the 27th anniversary of our country regaining its independence. I believe that the courageous founders of the first democratic republic in the Muslim East would be proud to see the modern Azerbaijan and its growing role in the world. And they would also be proud to witness the friendship and bounds between Azerbaijan and Turkey getting stronger every day.”
Khazar Ibrahim, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Turkey