BP Azerbaijan sponsored museum free admission campaign

In December 2013 BP Azerbaijan in cooperation with the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, National Art Museum of Azerbaijan initiated museum 10 day free admission campaign for general public during winter holidays.

Success of that campaign inspired continuation of this initiative and 3 more campaigns were held in 2014 during public holidays with more museums involved into this initiative. 

In the latest 10 day campaign held in December 2014-January 2015 five museums,  the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, Maiden Tower historical monument, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum and The Complex of Shirvanshah’s Palace participated in the campaign and 33,742 visits have been recorded.

According to Amina Melikova, the head of International Relations and Innovations department of the Azerbaijan National Art Museum this is a huge contribution into a social and cultural life of Baku city. “In past people used to complain that there is nothing to do on the weekends and day-offs. But now, I keep on seeing families who plan their whole weekend and visit every single museum that is supported by BP. Our museum has never been so busy.” Amina Melikova said.

Throughout all four campaigns sponsored by BP in Azerbaijan a total of about 79,000 visits have been recorded by all museums.

Highlighting the importance of this event SDI Manager Guivami Rahimli said: ” We now plan to expand this initiative to other cities to give a chance to people from regions to benefit. This initiative proved to be a huge success and is another considerable sponsorship initiative from BP in Azerbaijan.”