Enterprise Development Programme

The Enterprise Development and Training Program (EDTP) was launched in June 2007 with funding from BP and its co-venturers. In 2016 the program was re-launched as Enterprise Development Program.

EDP’s goal is to assist local companies to improve their capability to supply the oil and gas and other industries in Azerbaijan and wider Caspian region. 

The program offers the opportunity for local companies to reach international standards through gap analysis of their capabilities, creation and implementation of tailored individual development plans, including a specialized training possibility. 
By the end of 2015, the program has helped local companies to secure contracts in excess of $632.76 million, of which more than $383.05 million are with BP in Azerbaijan 

A total of 1,863   companies have been appraised since the programme started .


Your company is eligible to participate in the Programme if it is:

  • Existing enterprise with ongoing business Incorporated in Azerbaijan
  • A privately owned company
  • Ready to sign cooperation agreement for participation in EDP

The eligible company will undergo a gap assessment and shall demonstrate commitment to future improvement, thus willing to make investments in delivering the development plan. The program is free of charge.

To join and learn more about the program please contact



By telephone:

+994 12 596 01 09

+994 12 480 47 89



“Meet the Buyer” - a unique share fair  event, is part of BP’s and its co-venturers’ commitment to helping local companies increase their participation in BP-operated projects through enhancing their capabilities, developing their business and building relationship with their potential clients.

It provides an arena for a large group of local companies to meet leading international and local companies active in the oil and gas industry supply chain.
Local companies representing diverse direct and indirect oil and gas sector services such as drilling, manufacturing, engineering, construction, maintenance, isolation, inspection, automation services, logistics, waste management, IT, catering, business services and others participated in the event over the last years. These are the companies that are participants in BP’s and its co-venturers’ Enterprise Development Programme .
During the events  the Enterprise Development Awards were presented to selected local companies that have completed the EDP, in recognition of their substantial contribution to enterprise development and outstanding efforts to develop their local staff.