BP sponsorship projects

BP as the operator of Azerbaijan’s major oil and gas development as well as transportation projects is committed to supporting the country’s capacity building efforts

As part of this commitment BP supports very important educational and capacity building initiatives and programmes in this country.

Most of these initiatives are designed to support development of the energy industry, widen learning opportunities in technical fields and promote business training. To implement these programmes, BP closely cooperates with the higher educational  institutions, various secondary and vocational schools. This cooperation continues to contribute to the development of the scientific basis of Azerbaijan’s petroleum industry and supports education and training of the new generation of highly-qualified national energy industry experts and workforce.


Qafqaz University project

Over $2.5 million investment

2 new departments and 16 laboratories opened

BP’s partnership with Qafqaz University is aimed at supporting the university in the efforts to broaden its curriculum to cover undergraduate education in chemical, mechanical, petroleum and other engineering disciplines. This is a major educational development project that supports BP’s commitment to developing national oil and gas industry experts and workforce through training, partnerships and sponsorship of educational initiatives.

To date, BP has invested over $2.5 million to help Qafqaz University establish two new departments - chemical engineering department in 2009 and five world class laboratories for this department in 2011 and mechanical engineering department at the university followed by opening of eleven laboratories in 2013.

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BP bursary programme

In 2012-2014, we presented the bursary awards programme by presenting bursaries to a group of first and second year students specializing in petro-technical disciplines at a number of universities in Azerbaijan.

Bursaries were awarded to 60 first-year students with high university admission scores at various universities in Baku and Gandja. In 2014, we offered a year's extension  for the course to these 60  bursary winners with high university admission scores.
The bursary awards had given these students an opportunity to improve their technical English language skills through a BP-funded 10-month training course – providing a valuable addition to the technical knowledge the students are gaining through higher education.

For more information read the press release

For more information please read the press release on 2014 Bursary awards

Azerbaijan Business Case Competition

BP is sponsoring the Azerbaijan Business Case Competition since 2011.

Teams of students from major universities in Azerbaijan compete with each other in the annual Azerbaijan Business Case Competition, attempting to solve real-life business problems using their knowledge in business disciplines from finance and marketing, to accounting, technology and management. The teams present their solutions to a panel of judges representing major businesses in Azerbaijan.

The 2014 competition was hosted by ADA University, with support from BP and other sponsoring industry organizations.BP provided more than $6 000 in sponsorship and our employees contributed to the project as trainers, coaches and a jury panel member. 

BP Library Initiative

Total spend: $54,500 funded by BP employees

Beneficiaries: about 4000 schoolchildren

BP Libraries Initiative project got started in the middle of 2010. 6 pilot school libraries were selected along the BTC/SCP. This project is funded by BP employees following a year-end raffle campaign. Implementing partner was Saglam Hayat public union. 6 libraries were upgraded and renovated. These are school libraries in Hacigabul, Samukh, Yevlakh, Goranboy and 2 libraries in Kurdamir region.

The aim of the project was to create an exemplary library to meet modern requirements and support the development of education in general.
Total amount paid by BP employees throughout  four years is about $54,500 and several thousand local schoolchildren and teachers benefited, gaining greater access to books.

Centre of Professional Petroleum Societies

Total budget: $102,066

Beneficiaries: Students of Petroleum Industry and Geoscience related disciplines

We are assisting the Centre of Professional Petroleum Societies with a project aimed at developing young petroleum engineers and scientific communities in Azerbaijan. 

In 2013, the project included activities to enhance students’ knowledge on subsurface and wells engineering as well as round table discussions and a workshop on petroleum engineering.

BP summer students’ geology field course

Total budget: about $9,000 each year

Beneficiaries: 20-26 students each year

Summer Geology Field course is a program that has been going on for 10 years. Each year 20-26 students (from Subsurface and Engineering disciplines) are chosen to participate in 2-3 week long Field Course where every day they either attend a class or go for a day field trip. 

Find out more about summer field course

Geo Pack project

Total budget: $239,812

We supported the Geo Pack project, which aimed to increase Azerbaijani schoolchildren’s interest in geology, chemistry, physics and related areas of science during their early studies so that more of them may later choose a career in one of these disciplines.

The project’s pilot young geologist club was founded in Baku in 2011, with another club created the following year in Sumgait. Together, the clubs had around 60 members, led by five innovative teachers. 

The project has also developed new geoscience curriculums for use by teachers of grades six to nine.

The  project ended in 2013.

Capacity building

Business Journalism Project

Total budget: $350,000

Beneficiaries: 12 local journalists

Based on the success of the language training programmes funded by BP for many years BP launched an initiative to support journalists’ capacity-building and development efforts through a specifically designed international quality Business Journalism training programme. 

Aim of the project was to strengthen professional competencies and skills of the national media through a comprehensive training programme  and provide them with opportunities to catch up with the latest developments in  journalism.

The first stage of the project that started in 2007 involved 12 local journalists  and mainly  focused  on enhancing  the main journalistic competencies and skills  like story writing,  features writing, news reporting and  writing and interviewing techniques and practices.  

Stage 2 of the project had selected from the first stage participants 6 journalists who were trained as trainers for further cascading their knowledge and skills. It ran from April 2009 through September 2011 and focused on enhancing the journalists’ trainer skills when dealing with various target audience and covering Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Banking and Finance sectors.  

The latest training session for this group of leading journalists was arranged on social media in November 2013. 

Cultural heritage

H.Z.Tagiyev’s book-album publication

Total budget: $102,000

BP funded publication of a fundamental book dedicated to the Azerbaijani philanthropist and oilman Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev to promote Azerbaijan’s history and culture locally and internationally. 

The publication is in Azerbaijani and English and promotes ideas of philanthropy and use of national wealth to develop education and culture and preserve legacy and traditions.

Mysterious Tales of Tabriz

As part of our commitment to promote Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage, together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and PASHA Insurance Company, we sponsored the publication of the Mysterious Tales of Tabriz, a book dedicated to the traditional medieval Azerbaijani miniatures.

Sarylar- a journey to the Karabakh horse

The documentary “Sarylar”, sponsored by BP, is the company’s contribution to the wider recognition of a unique breed of horses whose home is the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.  

The film describes a journey that starts from the glorious Golden Boy – a Karabakh horse that performs a beautiful Azerbaijani dance at the Windsor Castle in the UK in 2012 during the queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
It then stretches across many lands to find that the successors of the Karabakh horses now living in Windsor are refugees, having fled from the land of Karabakh, and Golden Boy II, to whom the journey heads, is of the same bloodline in the fifth stallion generation since the 1950-ies.

The documentary is a joint product created by Azerbaijanfilm and STUDIO TOR 1 Filmproduktion of Berlin.


Supporting athlets

We are partners of Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee. We support the country’s national teams and its elite athletes through  to the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.

Sponsoring the National Olympic and National Paralympic Committees as well as athletes on their preparations to the London 2012 Games

Total Budget: $643,000

In January 2012 BP signed agreements with Azerbaijan’s National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee to support the country’s national teams and a group of selected national athletes in the run up for the London 2012 Games..

In the course of this partnership, BP and NPC delivered a number of events and projects both in the country and in the UK.
The agreement was  extended in 2013 until the end of 2016. 

For more information read the press release

Sponsoring Paralympic movement in Azerbaijan

Total budget: $258,400

As part of its partnership with the Azerbaijan National Paralympic Committee (NPC), BP is supporting the Children’s Paralympic Festival in Azerbaijan. . The festival is aimed at supporting the development of the national Paralympic movement and promotion of Paralympic values - inspiration, courage, equality and determination.
The event is linked to the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December 2013. The Festival was planned by NPC as a series of Paralympic competitions and games arranged throughout Azerbaijan.

This is a four year project that started at the end of 2012.

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Baku 2015 European Games

In 2014 BP became an official Oil and Gas partner of the Baku 2015 European Games. 

Baku 2015 was an exciting and innovative new multi-sport event for the continent that took place from June 12 until June 28, 2015.

There were a total of 19 sports at Baku 2015: 16 Olympic sports and three non-Olympic sports. More than 6,000 athletes represented their nations over the 17 days of competition.

As part of this partnership, BP has continued to help fund the development of aspiring medal hopes for Azerbaijan as the host nation ahead of the European Games. In addition, as part of this project, BP was the exclusive Official Partner of the Baku 2015 Games Academy initiative, an innovative learning programme which supports the creation of a capability legacy in Azerbaijan. 

For more information about BP's support  to Baku 2015 Games please  visit  Baku 2015 web page

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