ACE: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment disclosed

BP as the operator on behalf of the Contractor Parties to the Azeri, Chirag and Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) announces that as part of the ACG development work programme the Azeri Central East (ACE) project’s draft Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) document has been produced and published

The ACE Project represents the next stage of development in the ACG contract area. The ACE ESIA examines the potential environmental and social impacts of the full ACE Project activities and describes the recommended mitigation measures.  

The ACE Project is planned to comprise:

•  A Production, Drilling and Quarters platform to be located midway between the Central Azeri (CA) and East Azeri (EA) platforms in the water depth of approximately 137 meters;
•  Three new infield subsea gas, oil and water injection pipeline tie-ins and associated subsea infrastructure;
•  A combined power (back-up) and telecommunications subsea cable from EA to ACE.

The overall objective of the ACE Project ESIA process is to ensure that any adverse environmental and socio-economic impacts arising from the proposed works are identified and minimized and, where possible, eliminated.

Consultation is an important element of the ESIA process. Collating and documenting the opinions of potential interested parties ensures that the project design and the ESIA reflects the collective views of key stakeholders. 

We invite you to share your views and opinions on the ACE ESIA.

The full draft document and the executive summary have been produced in Azerbaijani and English and are available on BP’s website at

Copies of these documents have been placed at the following locations for public review: 

•  BP Xazar Centre office reception: 153 Neftchilar avenue 
•  Umid Secondary Schools:
- Umid settlement, secondary school 294
- Umid settlement, Lachin region secondary school 7
•  Public libraries in Sangachal and Sahil:
- Sangachal settlement, Sabir street, Branch 5 of the Garadagh region centralized library system
- Sahil settlement, Emin Guliyev street, Branch 2 of the Garadagh region centralized library system
•  M.F. Akhundov Public Library: 29 Khagani Street
•  Central Library of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences: 31 Huseyn Javid Street
•  Library of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry: 20 Azadlig Avenue
•  Aarhus Environmental Information Centre, MENR: 100a B. Agayev Street

Comments on the document should be addressed to Saadat Gaffarova, Regulations and Permitting Adviser in BP Azerbaijan. 

Contact details: 
Telephone: +994 12 599 43 29; +994 55 225 9013