BP and sustainability

BP’s objective is to create value for its stakeholders and supplies of energy for the world in a safe and responsible way.

Our strategy

Creating value for shareholders by helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs acting safely and responsibly.

Our goals

We strive to be a safety leader in our industry, a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. 
We expect all our contractors and their employees to act in a way that is consistent with our code of conduct. 
We are committed to meeting our obligations to the countries and communities in which we do business.

Our people and values

We value diversity of people and thought, and we aim to make sure that everyone at BP is treated with respect and dignity.

How we do business

Our commitment to high ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws wherever we operate.

Our goals

We strive to further embed our values in all we do.
We aim for 25% of our group leaders to be women by 2020.
We expect our graduate intake from outside the UK and US to be 40% in 2013.


Safety is a priority for us and we continue working to embed safety and operational risk management into the heart of the company

How we manage safety

Safety is driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system.

Our goals

We develop deep capability and a safe operating culture across all levels of BP. 
We continue to embed our operating management system as the way BP operates. 
We conduct self and independent assurance that confirms our conduct of operating.


BP is working to manage the environmental impacts of our operations and projects wherever we do business.

Managing our impact

Throughout the lifecycle of our projects and operations, we aim to manage environmental impacts and address related impacts on communities.

Our goals

We identify environmental impacts and seek to avoid or minimize them. 
Our sites establish annual objectives to improve environmental performance. 
We put plans in place to reduce environmental risks associated with our projects and operations.


To BP, working responsibly means seeking to have positive impacts on the areas where we operate.

Socio-economic impacts

We want countries and communities to benefit from our presence, and this is set out in our code of conduct and our values.

Our goals

We seek to avoid or mitigate any negative socio-economic impacts of our operations and projects. 
We aim to build open and constructive relationships with our stakeholders. 
We strive to respect human rights and avoid complicity in abuses.