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About BP in Geel


Number of staff (figures end of 2017)

At the end of 2017 BP in Geel numbered 384 employees (*): 195 hourly paid employees and and 189 office workers.
BP in Geel counted 44 female employees.
(*) Not including employees who are chronically ill and people working abroad.


Production capacities (figures end of 2017)

PTA (purified terephthalic acid):         1.400.000 ton/year
PX (paraxylene):                                  610.000 ton/year
Totale capaciteit:                                 2.010.000 ton/year
INtake water Canal 2017:                   8.572.525 m3


Investments, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (figures end of 2017)

Safety:                                      2.110.000 euro
Environment:                          650.000 euro
Safety & security:                    457.000 euro

Capital (figures end of year)

2017:         206.022.702,00 euro

Fixed assets (figures end of year)

2017:         1.447.595.647 euro



Investments (figures end of year)

2017:         22.563.062 euro


Annual turnover (figures end of year)

2017:         174.312.015 euro



The plant in Geel is successfully recertified in May / June for the ISO50001: 2011 standard (Energy) and the updated ISO9001: 2015 (Quality) and ISO14001: 2015 standard (Environment).


  • PIA was the oldest production unit in Geel. The unit was operated since 1969 and was demolished in 2017. Also the towers of this unit were removed. The tower had to be sawn in pieces and taken away step by step, what made it a complex job. The demolition creates space for potential investments in the future.
  • September 5 the new dryer for one of our production units was delivered. The dryer is 25 m long and 5 m wide. Because of the proportion of the dryer the exceptional transport happened over the Albertkanaal.
  • In a triannual survey BP Geel maps the relationship with the neighbours. BP works together with students of Thomas More for this survey. In the spring of 2017 students interviewed 600 neighbours. More than three quarter of our neighbours experience no inconvenience caused by BP.


  • Reactor transport during the night from 18 to 19 February. The past years BP Geel worked on the Wiesox project. The emplacement of the reactor vessel was a milestone. Meanwhile the old vessel is overhauled by Coek Engineering. During the night from 18 to 19 February the vessel was transported to BP for emplacement in one of our production units.
  • New plant manager : from July 1 Connie Paasse will replace Mike Olbrich, who retired, as Plant Manager BP Geel
  • The petrol station was closed : the petrol station at the entrance of the plant was closed. A familiar image of a monument disappears hereby.
  • PTAir the sustainable future of PTA and BP Geel : since September 13 the PTA world looks different. That day BP proposed PTAir a new low carbon PTA. Characteristic is that this PTAir uses patent technology of PX and PTA. This technology reduces the global warming potential with 29% as to the average European PTA production. Besides BP also launched PTAir Neutral the first certificated CO2 neutral PTA worldwide.
  • April 15 : Nick Elmslie, COO of BP Petrochemicals retires and is succeeded by Rita Griffin. To say goodbye, Nick visits BP Geel and he uses this opportunity to introduce Rita.
  • Summer : Air view shows how near our site is connected with Ineos and JBF. Two other, independent companies on the BP Geel site. In several ways there is collaboration between these companies, e.g. safety and fire services. For BP Geel it is important to have a good relationship with all our neighbours. Not only Ineos and JBF, but also IOK (the organisation for the development of the region), Katoen Natie and of course the neighbouring villages.
  • August 7 : In order to anchor the site in the region, BP always searches for the best technology. This is necessary to operate sustainably and to improve the cost efficiency of the units. This helps us to stay competitive on the European market. The Wiesox project fits in this vision and is completed. The installation of a new reactor vessel is a milestone in this project. The vessel is produced by Coek Engineering. During the night of August 6 the vessel was transported from Coek to BP.
  • September 6 : Sunday 6th September we had our family day. Over 1.300 persons visited our site. More than 220 colleagues and over 50 retirees visited the plant with family and friends.
  • Autumn : A part of the installations is stopped to build in the reactor vessel and to perform some small maintenance activities.