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The presence of the factory has a positive influence on some aspects of biodiversity.

Soil structure 

Some bird species such as the oystercatcher are by origin sea birds that lay their eggs on stony grounds. That specific soil structure can be found at the BP in Geel site.

Presence of a pond

The stabilisation pond, part of the water treatment unit, is situated in the western part of the BP site. This stabilisation pond has been recognised as a very valuable element in the field of avifauna. Many - sometimes rare - species of birds are observed near the pond. During cold winter spells, hundreds of ducks are found in the relatively warm water of this pond. Here they do not have to waste their energy keeping open a hole in the ice.

Specific construction of a chemical site 

The specific construction of a chemical site, with its towers, pipe racks etc, has an unexpected positive influence. It is suspected that for example the black redstart, a migratory bird, hibernates in the warm environment of the pipe racks where it can find food in winter. The many towers attract birds of prey.

No interference

The peaceful, free of interference, environment of the stabilisation pond attracts lots of animals that are unable to find anything to their liking elsewhere. There is no disturbance by inquisitive people, no tourists, no cyclists, no walkers and no mischievous boys steeling eggs ...