Press Release


BP Biofuels announces investment of more than $350 million in ethanol production in Brazil

BP Biofuels announced today an investment of $350 million  in the expansion of Tropical, one of  its three sugarcane processing mills in Brazil. 

The expansion, which will start next year, includes the building of a new mill and is expected to create around 7,650 direct and indirect jobs. Tropical’s processing capacity will double to five million tons of sugarcane which will produce 450 million litres of ethanol equivalent per year.  The mill is expected to be operating at full capacity by the end of 2014 or early 2015. 

Mario Lindenhayn BP Biofuels Brazil CEO, said: “This expansion reinforces our commitment to the Brazilian sugarcane industry and will enable us to grow our business in the future.”

He said: “Since we started operating in May 2011, we have been improving our operational efficiency and this announcement marks a milestone in delivering our biofuels strategy.”

About the investment

  • BP’s fully-owned Tropical sugarcane mill is located in Edeia, Goiás State.
  • BP will invest $350 million to double Tropical’s processing capacity from 2.5 million to 5 million tons of sugarcane per year.
  • With the expansion, the mill will be able to produce around 480 million liters of ethanol equivalent per year. It will also be able to commercialize approximately 340 GWh of electric energy to SIN (National Integrated System).
  • The investment is expected to create around 7,650 direct and indirect jobs, in implementation and operation.
  • The agricultural area for sugarcane cultivation related to the project meets the requirements of the Agro-Ecological Zoning of Sugarcane in Brazil.

Note to editors

Tropical mill was the first of BP´s sugarcane processing units in Brazil to receive the Bonsucro certification, awarded after an audit process held in November 2012. This certification is specific for the sugarcane industry and measures good social and environmental practices used on producing sugar and ethanol.