Projects in Biofuels

BP Biofuels develops a series of social projects in partnership with other institutions in order to generate positive impacts for the communities adjacent to its production sites.


This is an educational project developed since 2012 in partnership with the company Editora Horizonte, specialists in teaching materials, in the communities adjacent to the Tropical and Itumbiara sites. The aim is to provide information on alternative energy and the sugar-energy industry to the region’s schools. 

In 2013, 94 teachers from 205 schools in 28 cities were trained. Over 5,500 pupils from the ages of 8 to 12 years directly participated in the classroom activities and around 20,000 indirectly benefitted through the teachers adding the content provided to their regular curriculum. 

Jornada pela Vida (Life Journey)

Jornada pela Vida (Life Journey) aims to increase awareness among employees and the communities in which the company operates – covering a population of around 200,000 – on road safety and the protection of children and adolescents. 

Between 2012 and 2013, the project carried out 10 campaigns and a total of 22 actions, training collaborators and partners as multipliers of these themes. Approximately 45,000 educational booklets, over 2,000 giveaways and 30,000 leaflets from the NGO Childhood Foundation, a partner of the program, have already been handed out.

Edéia Digital

The Edéia Digital project is an informal space teaching computing and citizenship at the Edeense Transforming Lives Association (AETV), in the municipality where the Tropical plant is located. Basic courses on computing and citizenship are offered free of charge to the community, aiming to promote digital inclusion. In 2013, 155 pupils were certified. 

Cozinha Brasil (Brazilian Cuisine)

Developed in partnership with the Brazilian Industrial Social Service (SESI), Cozinha Brazil (Brazilian Cuisine) aims to promote education around diet in order to improve levels of health and quality of life in the community. They receive guidance on highly nutritional low cost diets that involve minimal waste. 

More than 180 people have benefitted from the project carried out in the cities of Turvelândia and Acreúna, both in Goiás, in 2013. In the first half of 2014 the project is taking place in Turvelândia and Edéia, and 64 people have already been certified. 

Pronatec courses

The National Access Program into Technical Education and Employment (PRONATEC), in partnership with BP Biofuels and the Sistema S national service, is offers a range of professional training courses to local communities. In 2013, over 330 students graduated from these courses in the cities of Edéia, Edealina, Acreúna, Arantina and Turvelândia in the state of Goiás. In 2014, new classes are being offered in Porteirão, and courses will also be offered in the cities of Turvelândia and Castelândia. 

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