We adopt systems and methodologies for managing and mitigating the environmental impacts of our activities.

BP operates in a range of environments in Brazil. We are aware that our operations depend on the biodiversities and ecosystems of these environments and that we may also potentially have an impact on them. 

This is why we seek to prevent and mitigate impacts to the environment along the whole life cycle of our projects, grounded in plans and research carried out by teams of specialists.  

The Operating Management System (OMS) that we use to manage safety and operational risk also includes evaluation and management of impacts to the environment. By perfecting this system and sharing best practices we continuously improve our environmental performance. 

We are stringent in our compliance with the laws applicable to our operations and in meeting the regulatory requirements specific to each of our activities. In the oil and gas exploration and production sector, we have recently implemented the Legal and Regulatory Compliance Management Process, which promotes the systematic monitoring of compliance in all of the areas of the company that have requirements to meet, including the environmental area. 

One of our focuses in Brazil is the deepwater exploration of frontier areas. This often means we have to operate in environmentally sensitive areas, which demand even more complex plans to protect the local fauna and flora, with a focus on accident prevention. In 2013, BP used its vast experience in this area to carry out the biggest ever oil spill response simulation exercise off the coast of Bahia, demonstrating its capacity to operate in environmentally sensitive areas. Learn more.