Operating in sensitive areas

Operating in environmentally sensitive areas demands even more preparation so that the company can ensure the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. 

During the planning stage of all operations, even before accessing a region and starting activities, BP evaluates potential impacts to the fauna and flora present, including environmental protection areas, threatened species and their habitats and environmentally sensitive areas. 

Depending on the potential impacts identified, we design environmental protection plans to implement prevention and mitigation measures. 

In 2013, BP exercised its capacity to respond to an oil spill in a simulation exercise carried out off the southern coast of Bahia, in a region considered to be environmentally sensitive. The exercise, carried out as part of an environmental licensing process, demonstrated BP’s capacity to act in response to possible accidents, implementing actions to protect the region’s fauna and flora. According to Ibama, this was the largest offshore oil spill response drill ever conducted in the country. Watch the video.  

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