Commitment to ethics

Our Code of Conduct guides the management of our business and has to be present in all of our actions and decisions, whether in large projects or in small daily attitudes. At BP, we take our commitment to ethics and compliance with the laws applicable to our operations seriously. This culture is strongly encouraged within all of the company’s daily activities, with our collaborators, and also outside of the company with our partners and suppliers. 

Understanding the importance of ethical behaviour to ensure the continuity of our business, everyone feels encouraged to act according to our Code of Conduct, which defines the guidelines on how we should act and clarifies what is expected of everybody that works with us. 

The code includes sections on how to operate safely, responsibly and reliably; our collaborators; our partners; the governments and communities with which we work; our assets and financial integrity. It applies to all of BP’s collaborators that work at our business sites. For joint ventures or companies of which we don’t have total control, the code describes our expectations that our partners follow similar principles. 

We seek to work with suppliers that operate according to principles and values that are similar to ours. In signed contracts, for example, we establish clauses to guarantee that suppliers operate within the ethical processes adopted by BP.