BP in the community

BP’s goal is to play an active, dedicated role in the communities where we live and work

We invest in people and programmes that pursue sustainable and long-lasting progress in three key areas: 

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Community


Education is the key to a strong future of responsible, energy-conscious citizens and a highly skilled workforce. Based on this belief, BP supports youth and education initiatives by investing in both scholarships and educational programs.
Respect for the environment is vital to the strength and resiliency of future communities. We are focused on meaningful environmental enhancement and protection project initiatives.


The value of our community investment is magnified by providing opportunities for our employees to be engaged. Throughout the year, BP employees and retirees demonstrate their community spirit by lending a helping hand, sharing professional skills and making monetary donations.

BP supports employees who donate to charities or volunteer by matching funds through our employee matching program. BP Canada’s volunteer retirees capitalize and leverage their skills, experiences and talents to help the community. They have contributed thousands of hours of service to make Calgary a better place to live.

Through these people and program, we are committed to making positive and long-lasting contributions to communities.

BP's A+ for Energy

After 11 years of energizing Alberta and NWT schools, BP Canada is proud of the positive impact the A+ for Energy award winning projects have had - and will continue to have - on schools and students.

We are pleased to announce that A+ for Energy will continue for the 2018/19 school year and will now be managed and delivered by Inside Education. BP Canada will be the Founding Sponsor, proudly funding the educational grants.