Public Sector

When you’re serving the community you need flexibility in your fuel options. BP’s huge nationwide network is distributed across convenient main-road sites. What if you could reduce the time it takes to manage your fleet’s fuel needs? Our online tools make tracking and reporting a snap. Don’t forget drivers appreciate our top-notch services as well.

Even better, BP is now a Crown Commercial Services supplier under the RM6000 Fuel Cards and Associated Services V Framework Agreement, meaning controlling costs for government fleets just got easier.

Network Coverage

Every industry needs to keep dead mileage to a minimum. We offer an extensive network of sites distributed across extremely convenient main-road sites. So your drivers will never be far from their next fuelling station.

Total control of spend

Enjoy intuitive online tools and advanced security measures that make daily admin easier than ever. Our cards also include automatic checking of every purchase against recorded spending patterns, for added peace of mind.

Driver Benefits

BP fuel cards offer best-in-class driver benefits, so your team can drive happy on every trip. Outstanding facilities with regularly cleaned restrooms also feature Wild Bean Coffee & M&S Simply Food. A handy mobile app and free BP sat nav download make time on the road even easier.

Ready to find the right card for your industry?