Wholesale / Retail

In an increasingly sophisticated world of supply and demand, transporting goods needs to be as efficient as possible. Why not get a competitive edge by optimising your fleet’s fuelling process? Our huge network, handy online tools and dedicated customer care can help you reduce costs, while keeping drivers happy.

Network Coverage

We offer the biggest branded motorway and A road network in the UK – distributed across extremely convenient main-road sites. The BP PLUS Bunker card offers 500 special sites, the majority of which feature high-speed pumps, wide lanes and extra-high canopies. Even better, most bunker sites are on motorways and A roads, minimising the need for costly detours. With BP, your drivers will never be far from their next fuelling station.

Total control of spend

Enjoy intuitive online tools and advanced security measures that make daily admin easier than ever. Our cards also include automatic checking of every purchase against recorded spending patterns, for added peace of mind.

Customer Care

Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help you get the most of out of your BP fuel card. We monitor every card’s usage and unusual transactions are flagged. It’s easy to order, cancel or replace cards, and you can change your PIN anytime, day or night.

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