BP Supercharge

The ideal back-up fuel card to use in areas with fewer BP sites.

Ultimate convenience for your drivers

Enjoy access to maximum UK coverage

No transaction fees

Save £1000s every year, depending on fleet size
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Welcome to the BP Supercharge Fuel Card

Give your drivers a handy back-up fuel card for areas with fewer BP sites. BP Supercharge offers outstanding convenience and network coverage, complimenting BP PLUS and BP PLUS Bunker perfectly.

Over 8,000 sites for your drivers to use

With over 8,000 sites – including more than 1,280 BP stations – in the BP Supercharge network, your drivers can use the equivalent of 9 out of 10 UK forecourts. This includes all major fuel brands, motorways and supermarkets, so drivers can easily fill up without detouring.

No transaction fees for total cost transparency

With BP Supercharge, you’ll pay pump price and zero transaction fees. This could save you thousands in transaction fees alone. And you’ll manage everything via a simple online tool, allowing you to order and cancel cards as well as track fuel spend right across your fleet.

Is BP Supercharge right for my fleet?

BP Supercharge suits all kinds of fleets. It’s ideal for companies that use cars and/or vans, and works well as a back-up if your drivers are somewhere they can’t use their BP PLUS card.

Reasons to choose BP Supercharge

  • Drivers can pay for fuel and other vehicle-related goods, depending on the parameters set by you
  • E-billing – every invoice is sent direct to you via email
  • Simple payment terms to help with cash flow (subject to credit status)
  • HMRC-compliant weekly invoices for hassle-free VAT claims
  • BPme Reward points earned on every BP transaction
  • Competitively low annual fee per card