On Road Services

Drive Easy with Drive Britain

There's a lot to think about when your business is on the road, with BP Drive Britain you're able to remove some of the uncertainty so you can focus your time and effort on critical business.

Drive Britain aims to remove every day headaches for fleet managers, from avoiding unexpected fines through the post to letting you rest assured your fleet has somewhere safe and secure to park across the UK.

Getting fines isn't just about the cost, it also adds extra admin time into your day to resolve. That's why BP Drive Britain gives you easy access to automatic Dartford Crossing and London Congestion Charge toll payment - so you know you're covered.

What's more, you also benefit from cleaning services for your vehicle and tank, and secured parking places for trucks - all without cash in hand or unnecessarily complex processes. So you can be sure your fleet is safe on the road and always looking their best. It helps wherever and whenever you need it, with your BP Fuel Card as the key to all the services you need.

You can personalise your package to suit your needs, take a look below for the options of cover:
  • Standard Offer: Secure Truck-Parking and Truck-Washing
  • Drive Britain: Dartford Crossing, Secure Truck Parking, Truck and Tank wash
  • Drive Britain Plus: Dartford Crossing, London Congestion Charge, Secure Truck Parking, Truck and Tank wash
  • London Congestion Charge Only

Registration Process

Switching to BP is easy. Our set-up service has been designed to be simple, reliable, hassle-free and is supported by our dedicated team.

  • Once BP on road services have been set up you can access Truck Parking and Truck Washing just by using your fuel card - drive to a listed site and use your fuel card to transact
  • Alternatively you can use the pre-registration service for Truck Parking, Depot Parking and Truck/ Tank Wash. Register vehicles with BP and the license plate will be used to capture transactions.
  • Use the simple registration form provided by BP to register vehicles for Dartford Crossing and London Congestion Charging.
  • Have complete peace of mind with confirmation from BP once vehicles have been registered

Dartford Crossing and LCC

Once registered, your drivers will simply be able to use the Dartford Crossing and London Congestion Charge Zone and you'll have peace of mind of no unexpected fines

  • You will receive the transactions showing the details of when these services were used
  • Payment will be taken at the same time as you fuel card payment
  • You will receive an additional invoice alongside your fuel card invoice
  • The transactions will be priced according to what is charged to BP by the third parties with an additional surcharge (excluding Annual Registration Fee for the London Congestion Charge where there is no surcharge)

Truck Parking, Truck and Tank Wash

BP have partnered with SNAP to offer secure truck and tank washing and parking

  • Pre-book your parking or washing using the BP On Road Services Portal or directly with SNAP
  • The driver arrives at site and uses the vehicle registration number for the transaction
  • Transactions are then automatically processed onto your fuel card account