BP FleetMove – plug-in-and-go solution

Keep costs down and save time

Real cost control for cars & vans and mixed fleets

BP and TomTom Telematics have developed BP FleetMove to help you control your costs.

Because BP FleetMove is continuously connected to TomTom services and sharing data every 15 minutes, you can benefit from a clear, up-to-date overview of essential driver and vehicle information. Now you can easily identify opportunities to manage costs.

You can also see maintenance alerts from your vehicles, as the system monitors and then alerts you on battery power levels, preventing further unexpected costs.

Save time with BP FleetMove

With special fuel consumption figures and a full range of driving and vehicle maintenance data, all available in one place, you'll have more time to focus on other business duties.
  • Plug-in-and-go in-car device – no professional installation required
  • Access accurate vehicle data from a central dashboard - updates every 15 minutes
  • View, add and manage the vehicles and fuel card users who have a linked CURFER device in an easy to use web portal - NEXTFLEET Fuel
  • Access an individual range of shared data from BP and TomTom Telematics including fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driver efficiency scores. Give your drivers on the spot advice to improve performance.
  • Keep on top of maintenance and servicing with a clear centralised view of in-car diagnostics

An app that helps keep your fleet moving

With BP FleetMove you can be confident that your drivers will reach their destination without any unnecessary detours. Thanks to a combination of the TomTom Curfer smartphone app and our convenient network of filling stations, located on main roads and motorways, your drivers will never have to drive far to refuel.
Your drivers can:
  • set preferences to quickly find the nearest BP or ROUTEX station based on their current location
  • view all previous journey information recorded automatically on a smartphone
  • view fuel consumption data while on the road
  • be aware of their driving style and the impact this has on fuel consumption
  • always know the last position of a parked vehicle
  • be assured that we prioritise data privacy and security - data is never shared and is for personal use only

One-off setup cost

With BP FleetMove there are no long-term contracts - BP FleetMove has a one-off setup cost of  £39.35*.

Please use the Compatibility checker - link - to confirm that your vehicle can support BP FleetMove.
* Excl. VAT 
Incl. 20% discount