Autogas (LPG)

Cheaper at the pump and better for the environment.

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Why choose Autogas for your fleet?

As fleet manager, getting good value is uppermost in your mind. So we think you’d be interested to hear that Autogas (also known as LPG) is approximately 50% cheaper at the pump than Regular Unleaded.

Vehicles can be bought ready to run on Autogas or can be converted at a later date, which tends to cost between £1000 and £2000.

Better for engines

By using a contactless combustion method, Autogas is more efficient than traditional fuels. It has a higher octane value, which means it burns better than ordinary petrol and releases energy more efficiently. 

The tank will also be extremely light, leading to a smoother and quieter ride with less vibrations.

Lower emissions too

Autogas-powered vehicles have lower emissions than those using diesel and petrol, with CO2 emissions being 10-12% lower than petrol and 95% lower than diesel.

Find out where to buy it

Already used by 7 million vehicles across Europe and 150,000 in the UK, Autogas is available at over 160 BP sites. You can find out which ones by visiting the BP site locator.