BP Diesel for Trucks

Protect your fleet’s engines against harmful deposits to maximise efficiency.

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More efficient engines could mean lower fuel costs

Rigorously tested in a range of HGVs, the unique formulation of BP Diesel protects engines against harmful deposits, helping to preserve efficiency, power output and emissions performance.

And because more efficient engines use less fuel and spend less time in the workshop, BP Diesel can help you control your fleet’s running costs and minimise downtime. 

The problem with inferior diesels

As engine manufacturers work hard to stay up to date with emissions legislation, the design of fuel injectors constantly changes. These newer designs are more prone to the build-up of harmful deposits, disrupting fuel flow through the injectors. Inferior quality fuels can quickly cause this.

Fuel economy reduced by up to 5.7%

The results are power loss and increased fuel consumption. Independent tests in a range of HGVs show that dirty injectors reduce overall fuel economy by up to 2.6% and on average by 2.1%*. For urban operators, the impact was even stronger, with fuel economy reduced by an average of 5.7%*. For fleet owners, this can mean a significant increase in operation costs

An expert’s opinion

Dr Linda Rainbow from BP says: “BP Diesel mitigates this impact. Our fuel is specially formulated to keep critical engine components clean and protect against the build-up of harmful injector deposits, so it helps keep the engine working as the manufacturer intended. This can mean less fuel and improved efficiency, ultimately saving money across fleets.”