BP Regular Fuels

Carefully engineered to clean and protect your fleet’s engines.

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An everyday quality you can trust

At BP, regular doesn’t mean inferior. Whenever your drivers add fuel to their cars, you need to know they’re not doing anything that might harm it in the long run. Which is why BP Regular Fuels have been expertly designed to give you complete peace of mind.

The benefits of BP Regular Fuels

Over time ordinary fuels can stop your engine working as well as it should. That’s because harmful deposits can build up on critical engine components - such as intake valves and fuel injectors - stopping engines from running as efficiently as they were designed to.  Lower engine efficiency, unfortunately, can lead to increased fuel consumption, higher emissions, and reduced performance.

But BP regular fuels are specially designed to protect against harmful deposits building up in your fleet's engines. So they can help keep you fleet’s engines fit and healthy and running as the manufacturer intended.

Plus, unlike ordinary diesel, BP diesel also contains a special anti-foam agent that makes it quicker, cleaner and easier to fill the tank right up to the top.

‘Ordinary fuels’ are those which meet the British Standard specifications for automotive fuels – Diesel or Unleaded Petrol 95 - but do not claim to provide any proven performance benefits to consumers. A performance benefit is, for example, an ability to clean critical engine components.