BP Ultimate Diesel

Our premium diesel helps retain up to 99% of an engine’s power.

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Help your fleet spend less time in the workshop and more on the road

Over time ordinary fuels can stop your fleet's engines working as well as they should. That’s because harmful deposits can build up on critical engine components - such as fuel injectors - stopping engines from running as efficiently as they were designed to.

BP Ultimate Diesel is designed to make your fleet's engines work and feel like new. Engine power can be lost due to the build-up of harmful deposits left behind by ordinary fuels. But BP Ultimate Diesel’s advanced cleaning properties mean it can remove existing harmful deposits and protect against the build-up of new ones, retaining up to 99% of original engine power.

It’s also designed to protect your fleet's engines against corrosion and wear. Plus, unlike ordinary diesel, BP Ultimate Diesel contains a special anti-foam agent that makes it easier, quicker and cleaner to fill every tank right to the top.

‘Ordinary fuels’ are those which meet the British Standard specifications for automotive fuels – Diesel or Unleaded Petrol 95 - but do not claim to provide any proven performance benefits to consumers. A performance benefit is, for example, an ability to clean critical engine components.

5 Reasons to use BP Ultimate Diesel


It cleans your engine

Take a look at the injector tip on the left. It’s heavily coated in deposits from ordinary fuel. This build-up can restrict fuel flow, leading to poor combustion. 

The injector tip on the right is actually the same one – but after switching to BP Ultimate Diesel and running for some 700 km. Most of the deposits have cleaned away, 
allowing the engine to retain up to 99% of its original power


It protects your engine

Our advanced diesel helps protect engines and fuel systems against the harmful effects of rust and wear.

To prove it, we immersed two steel pins in fuel. The right pin, immersed in ordinary fuel, has visibly rusted. The left pin was immersed in BP Ultimate Diesel under identical test conditions – with rust-free results. 


It improves efficiency

How would you like to get extra miles out of your drivers’ next tank of diesel?

As engines get ever more sophisticated, injection equipment requires ever more advanced fuel to function at their best. We design our fuels with this in mind.
For example, engines need to stay clean to provide the best fuel economy, so BP Ultimate Diesel offers an outstanding ability to clean up engines and keep them clean. It’s also designed to burn better than ordinary fuels, releasing energy more efficiently. 


It increases performance

BP Ultimate Diesel can retain up to an amazing 99% of original engine power. 

Firstly, it burns more smoothly and completely than ordinary diesel fuels to release energy more efficiently.

Secondly, our best-ever diesel offers exceptional cleaning power. Which means it breaks down and removes existing harmful deposits from critical engine components, allowing your fleet’s engines to perform as the manufacturer intended.  


It reduces exhaust emissions

Ordinary diesels leave behind harmful deposits. These can build up on fuel injectors and damage fuel spray, which can have a knock-on effect on CO2 emissions.

BP Ultimate Diesel is formulated with five times the cleaning power of ordinary fuels. By removing harmful deposits from critical engine components like fuel injectors, the fuel spray can work as the manufacturer intended – cutting what could otherwise be increased CO2 emissions.

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