BP Ultimate Unleaded

Our premium unleaded removes around 95% of harmful deposits.

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Give your fleet the best – and keep it going for longer

Over time ordinary fuels can stop your fleet's engines working as well as they should. That’s because harmful deposits can build up on critical engine components - such as intake valves and fuel injectors - stopping engines from running as efficiently as they were designed to.

With ongoing use BP Ultimate Unleaded removes an average of 95% of existing harmful deposits that stop engines working as efficiently as they should - and keeps them clean too. Plus it contains a special friction modifier which helps lower engine friction to improve performance and efficiency. 

‘Ordinary fuels’ are those which meet the British Standard specifications for automotive fuels – Diesel or Unleaded Petrol 95 - but do not claim to provide any proven performance benefits to consumers. A performance benefit is, for example, an ability to clean critical engine components.

5 reasons to use BP Ultimate Unleaded


It cleans your engine

These two images show an intake valve from a petrol engine. The valve on the left is heavily coated with black carbon deposits, due to the engine running continuously on ordinary unleaded petrol.

The valve on the right is the same valve, now almost as clean as new. How? The engine was switched to BP Ultimate Unleaded and run for 10,000 kilometres. 

Overall, BP Ultimate Unleaded’s remarkable cleaning ability removes an average 95% – and up to 98% – of the existing harmful deposits that stop your fleet’s engines working as they should.


It protects your engine

Rust can lead to damage inside engines and fuel systems, so BP Ultimate Unleaded has special corrosion inhibitors. But it’s also designed to protect your fleet’s engines by reducing friction.

Our special formula adds a protective coating that helps to reduce friction between the piston rings and cylinder walls. Reducing engine friction means that less energy is lost – which contributes to better fuel economy and improved performance.

Plus, this special formula also builds up in an engine’s lubricant over time, helping to improve the way it works. 


It increases efficiency

Our premium unleaded increases an engine’s efficiency to give your drivers more miles per tank in three ways:
  1. BP’s best petrol burns better than ordinary fuels, so the combustion process is more efficient and less energy is wasted.
  2. Our advanced fuel formulation includes special friction-reducing components. These help to reduce friction between the piston rings and cylinder walls, meaning that less energy is lost.
  3. BP Ultimate Unleaded cleans an engine as it’s driven, ensuring that vital parts like valves and injectors don’t become clogged with harmful deposits.


It increases performance

A combination of high-octane engine cleaning and reduced friction means that BP Ultimate Unleaded can make it feel like you’re driving a bigger engine.

Octane is a measure of petrol’s combustion. ‘Knock’ is when pockets of fuel and air explode ahead of the flame. Dealing with knock reduces the power output of your engine management system.

With its higher octane quality, BP Ultimate Unleaded burns better than ordinary petrol and releases energy more efficiently, protecting the engine from knock. Which means your fleet’s engines performs even better, with improved fuel economy and fewer emissions.


It reduces exhaust emissions

A clean engine is a more efficient engine, and more efficient engines produce fewer emissions. So we’ve designed BP Ultimate Unleaded to remove, on average, 95% of deposits that build up on critical engine components – and can even prevent new ones forming.

Tests in a range of vehicles confirm that using BP Ultimate Unleaded instead of ordinary petrol can help reduce the harmful emissions from a vehicle’s exhaust.

Watch how it works

Increase Efficiency

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Increase Performance

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Reduce Exhaust Emmissions

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