Offset Your Fleets Carbon Emissions

Calculate and offset your fleet's carbon emissions with BP, meaning you can reduce fleet costs, win more business and minimise your environmental impact.

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Reduce your carbon impact with BP Fuel Cards

In order to support our customers with the increasing pressures around carbon reduction and corporate social responsibility, BP PLUS customers can take advantage of an immediate and cost effective solution of offsetting part of or its entire fleet’s emissions.  
In partnership with our not for profit offset team, BP Target Neutral, for every tonne of CO2e your fleet produces, you can contribute to carbon mitigation projects throughout the world to offset your fleet’s CO2e impact. 

This provides a simple, flexible and scalable solution for you to compensate for your environmental impact in order to meet increasing stakeholder expectations, demonstrate leadership, differentiate from competitors and engage internal and external stakeholders in your positive actions.

How does it work?

  1. Each month you will pay a set Target Neutral Fee in relation to the volume of fuel against which you wish to offset CO2 emissions. This will be charged to you in your month end invoice
  2. The Target Neutral Fee will then be used to purchase a set number of carbon offsets each month
  3. Drivers use their existing BP Fuel Card in the normal way
  4. We then transfer the amount agreed to the selected BP Target Neutral projects around the world, which compensate for your CO2e impact
  5. BP Target Neutral then send you a certificate highlighting the amount of CO2e you have offset
  6. Finally, we will send you a number of resources that allow you to communicate and publicise your efforts to your customers and stakeholders

Getting Started

There are a number of benefits offsetting your fleet's CO2 emissions including a way to differentiate your brand, reduce your environmental impact and communicate your leadership.

Our target neutral programs are highly customizable and our expert team will work closely with you to develop a program that best suits your needs. We can help you attain your goals, while increasing sales, distinguishing your brand(s) or company, and satisfying your customers.