Visco 2000 20W-50

BP Visco 2000 20W-50 with CleanGuard™ Engine Protection Technology is a Premium engine oil.

What is it for?

Visco 2000 20W-50 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommendsan ACEA A3/B3, API SN or earlier specification 20W-50 lubricant.

BP Visco products are not available in the UK.

Technical Specification


Visco 2000 20W-50 meets the following specifications*:
  • ACEA A3/B3
  • API SN
For specific car recommendations please use our product selector.
*Always consult your vehicle handbook.

Industry Specifications

ACEA specifications:
  • ACEA specificationsACEA A3/B3 for standard service intervals for gasoline and diesel engine cars
API specifications:
  • API SN


Benefits for Business Customers

Visco 2000 20W-50 offers the following benefits for workshops, distributors or retailers:
  • Suitable for a wide range of engine types and applications
  • Reduced inventory costs

Benefits for Consumers

Visco 2000 20W-50 offers the following benefits:
  • Proven engine cleanliness
  • Reliable engine protection for normal driving conditions

Can Replace

  • Visco 2000 LPG 20W-50 (Turkey)
  • Visco 2000 15W-50 (Greece)