Visco 5000 M 5W-30

Visco 5000 M 5W-30 with CleanGuard™ Engine Protection Technology is a Premium synthetic engine oil.

What is it for?

It fulfills the new ACEA-08 A3/B4/C3 and GM dexos 2 specifications.

It saves fuel, reduces oil consumption and provides excellent engine cleanliness.

BP Visco products are not available in the UK.

Technical Specification


Visco 5000 M 5W-30 meets the following specifications*:
  • ACEA A3/B4/C3
  • MB-Approval 229.31/229.51
  • BMW Longlife-04
  • General Motors dexos 2**
  • VW 502 00/ 505 00
For specific car recommendations please use our product selector.
*Always consult your vehicle handbook.
**Developed for engines requiring GM dexos 2 engine oil performance; this product may also be used where GM LL-A-025 or LL-B-025 products were originally specified.


Benefits for Business Customers

Visco 5000 M 5W-30 offers the following benefits for workshops, distributors or retailers:
  • More cars served – less inventory, less mistakes
  • Higher quality through upgraded formulations
  • Research based label design – easy to navigate, easy to sell

Benefits for Consumers

Visco 5000 M 5W-30 offers the following benefits:
  • Excellent engine cleanliness
  • Proves its quality with a new formulation
  • Fulfills the new ACEA-08 A3/B4/C3 and GM dexos 2 specifications
  • Meets the needs of modern Diesel cars equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Saves fuel, reduces oil consumption