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CleanGuard™ Technology

Cleaner engines last longer and run better. For people who rely on their vehicle everyday, the BP engineers have developed the new BP Visco and BP Vanellus with CleanGuard™ Technology, an engine protection system that simply keeps the engines cleaner for longer.
  • Prevents deposit build up
  • Reduces oil degradation
  • Minimizes engine wear
Constant use of cars and trucks subjects the engines to intense aggression from internally formed contaminants. If not neutralised, these contaminants build up into deposits, being one of the main contributors for engine decreasing efficiency and breakdown.

New BP Visco and BP Vanellus lubricants with CleanGuard™ Technology contain specific components that fight the harmful deposits from forming and sticking to the sensitive engine parts.
BP Visco and BP Vanellus with CleanGuard™ offers you superior protection everyday that results in prolonged engine life and less engine trouble. Isn’t that just what you need?

BP Visco and BP Vanellus with CleanGuard™ Engine Protection Technology: keep your engines cleaner for longer.