Vanellus Multi 15W-40

BP Vanellus Multi 15W-40 is a premium mineral heavy duty diesel engine oil.

What is it for?

It is suitable for older heavy duty diesel engines.

BP Vanellus products are not available in the UK.

Technical specification


Vanellus Multi 15W-40 meets the following specifications*.
  • ACEA E2
  • API CG-4
  • MB-Approval 228.1
  • MTU Oil Category 1
For specific commercial vehicle recommendations please use our product selector.
*Always consult your vehicle handbook.


Benefits for Business Customers

  • More trucks served: Covers wide range of important OEMs
  • Less inventory - less mistakes: Wide OEM coverage helps to serve most trucks with only one product, reduce inventory, reduce stress and complexity to avoid mistakes
  • Trusted brand: Global trusted brand adds credibility to workshop service offer

Benefits for consumers

  • Reliable engine protection - Peace of mind against breakdown: Reduces soot and wear to maximise engine response
  • Up to 30% cleaner engine* - More reliable engine: Keeping engine cleaner and running smoother with less downtime
* compared to ACEA standard test limits